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Biker Aware is a self learning site promoting


by bringing Bikers & Motorists together for a better understanding of motorcycle, push-bike and scooter safety and erasing the “Bad Biker Image” that can emotionally detach drivers from biker safety concerns.

Even if your don't Ride YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO DOES - be Biker Aware

 I don't ride a bike! Why should I care?

No, you may not - but you would know someone who does.

"It could be your Son or Daughter, Grandchild, Husband or Wife, colleague or acquaintance, someone you know and care about.”

Whether you ride a motorbike, pushbike, scooter, drive a car or a truck, we all have equal rights to share the road safely.

And you can make a difference!

With the rising costs of petrol, and the ever growing problem of city traffic congestion and parking, many more people will be turning to motorcycles and other two wheeled powered transport as an alternative way of commuting.

It is important for this infrastructure to grow safely so that those that choose to ride have a safe road environment to ride in, as the biggest concern will always be the threat from Other Drivers.

Motorcycles make up for approx. 2% of registered vehicles throughout Australia with less than 1% of these used on a daily basis. In over 75% of motorcycle accidents involved with cars the motorist has been at fault and failed to give way. Bikers are over represented in the statistics of deaths and casualties on our roads.

With links to Government sites for National & World-wide Statistics, Safety Information, Defensive Driving and Riding, Motorcycle Testing, and lots more; our aim is to promote an awareness of biker safety on our roads and reduce the instances of accidents, injuries and fatalities.


*  Safer Road Sharing

* Higher Motorist Awareness

* Biker Survival/Defensive Riding

* Accident Statistics

* Accident Reduction Strategies

* How you can make a difference

* Alternative Transports 

* Traffic congestion solutions

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