As a motorcycle rider, safety should always be a top priority. But why settle for a plain and basic helmet when you can have a smart motorcycle helmet with HUD technology?

The Cross Helmet X1 is a revolutionary product that takes helmet technology to the next level.

This smart helmet offers advanced features such as a Heads-Up Display (HUD), 360-degree vision, noise cancellation, and more.

The Cross Helmet X1 HUD Review comprehensively analyzes this innovative product, delving deep into its features, performance, and overall value.

If you’re in the market for a new helmet and want to invest in the latest technology, the Cross Helmet X1 is worth considering.


Read on to discover why this smart motorcycle helmet with HUD technology takes the riding experience to a new level.

What is the CrossHelmet X1?

The CrossHelmet X1 is not your average motorcycle helmet. This innovative product boasts a range of advanced features that set it apart.

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Developed by Japan-based Borderless, the CrossHelmet X1 was launched as a Kickstarter campaign in 2017.

It rapidly attracted notice for its cutting-edge features, which included a back-facing camera and a Heads-Up Display (HUD) with a 360-degree field of vision.

Riders may keep connected while travelling with the helmet’s Bluetooth connectivity.

The CrossHelmet X1 is a helmet worth considering if you’re searching for one that blends safety, fashion, and cutting-edge technology.

Who is Behind the Cross Helmet X1?

A cutting-edge motorcycle helmet that is elevating the riding experience is the CrossHelmet X1.


The CrossHelmet X1 was created by Borderless Inc., a Tokyo-based company that specializes in creating cutting-edge products for customers around the world.

High-tech features including an open cross-helmet design with a wider field of view, noise-cancelling technology, and a heads-up display (HUD) set the CrossHelmet X1 apart from other motorcycle helmets.

CrossHelmet X1 Standard Features

  1. CrossHelmet X1’s Shell: The CrossHelmet X1 features a lightweight, aerodynamic shell constructed with a carbon fiber composite. The helmet has been designed with style and safety, offering a sleek and modern look while providing maximum protection in the event of an impact.
  2. Padding in the CrossHelmet: The CrossHelmet X1 features a multi-density foam liner for improved comfort and impact protection. For easy upkeep, the internal cushioning is also detachable and washable.
  3. Visor: The visor of the helmet has an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating for increased visibility in a variety of riding circumstances.It also has a sun visor that can be readily changed using a lever on the helmet’s side.
  4. Extras: The CrossHelmet X1 boasts a built-in Bluetooth system for hands-free communication, an integrated camera for recording your ride, and a smart HUD display for real-time information like speed and navigation.

Technology in the CrossHelmet X1


CrossHelmet – The Smart Motorcycle Helmet with HUD

The CrossHelmet X1 is a next-generation smart motorcycle helmet with HUD (Heads-Up Display) technology that revolutionizes our ride.

The HUD system displays critical information, such as navigation, speed, and weather updates, directly onto the rider’s visor, allowing for an unobstructed view of the road ahead.

But the CrossHelmet X1’s technological innovations continue. The helmet also features a 360-degree rear-view camera, providing riders with unparalleled situational awareness.

And, with the helmet’s noise-cancellation technology, riders can enjoy clear and uninterrupted audio while they ride, even at high speeds.

CrossHelmet X1’s Sound Control

One of the standout features of the CrossHelmet X1 is its sound control system.

The helmet is equipped with the best motorcycle helmet speakers, allowing riders to enjoy immersive audio without compromising their safety.

The speakers are positioned close to the ears, providing clear audio while keeping ambient noise to a minimum.

But what sets the CrossHelmet X1 apart is its innovative sound control technology. Riders can adjust the volume, skip tracks, and take phone calls without ever taking their hands off the handlebars.

The helmet’s intuitive controls make it easy to manage audio on the go, allowing riders to stay connected and informed while they ride

Alternatives to CrossHelmet X1


Helmet with Integrated Bluetooth – Sena Momentum EVO

The Sena Momentum EVO is a top-rated helmet that offers superior sound quality and convenience with its integrated Bluetooth technology.

With this helmet, you can easily listen to music, take phone calls, and even communicate with other riders in your group via intercom.

Its Advanced Noise Control feature blocks out ambient noise to ensure clear communication while you ride. The helmet’s rear camera provides added safety and convenience, giving you a 360-degree view of your surroundings.

Additionally, its aerodynamic design reduces wind noise, making it an excellent choice for high-speed riding.

Create Your Own Smart Motorcycle Helmet with HUD

If you want a more customizable option, consider creating your smart motorcycle helmet with HUD technology.

One way to do this is by purchasing a HUD display unit and installing it onto a compatible helmet. The NUVIZ Ride HUD is a popular choice that offers a compact and lightweight display that can be attached to most full-face helmets.

Its high-resolution display and GPS navigation provide essential information while you ride. You can also add a rearview camera for added safety.

By creating your smart motorcycle helmet with HUD technology, you can tailor it to your specific needs and preferences.

Cross Helmet X1 Hud – Specifications


Futuristic Design

The smart helmet with HUD technology has revolutionized the riding experience with its futuristic design. The helmet’s aerodynamic and curved profile and its LEXAN Polycarbonate shell with variable thickness mimic the construction of automotive industry helmets.

The helmet’s frontal air intake is designed to function as a breathing mask, while its spherical visor provides the rider with an expanded viewing space.

The chin protector is also slightly away from the face for added comfort.

The smart helmet with HUD is a safety feature and a stylish and innovative accessory for any motorcycle rider looking to enhance their riding experience.

Integrated Heads-Up Display (HUD)

When it comes to futuristic design, the CrossHelmet X1 takes the cake.

As discussed in our recent cross-helmet review, this smart motorcycle helmet with HUD offers a wide range of features designed to provide riders with everything they need to stay informed and safe on the road.

One of the standout features of the CrossHelmet X1 is its heads-up display, which presents essential travel information in an easy-to-read format right in front of the rider’s eyes.

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This HUD is clear and immersive, with a 720p resolution and ambient sound control.

The helmet’s Bluetooth connectivity allows riders to connect to their Bluetooth-enabled devices for added convenience easily.

Bluetooth Connectivity

This cutting-edge helmet’s Bluetooth connectivity, which enables a seamless connection to any Bluetooth-enabled device, is one of its key features.

Riders may effortlessly make phone calls, play music, and use navigation services hands-free with Bluetooth compatibility without fumbling with their phone.

This improves road safety while also improving convenience. One of the many ways the Hud bike helmet is revolutionizing motorbike convenience and safety is by incorporating Bluetooth technology.

CrossHelmet App

Motorcycle riders who wish to improve their riding experience must have the CrossHelmet App.

This programme, which works with both Android and iOS devices, allows users access to a number of features like GPS, HUD technology, and group chat.

Riders can benefit from hands-free navigation while riding with the GPS HUD function on their motorbike helmet.

Additionally, you can adjust the sound volume using the CrossSound Control feature in order to better hear important alerts and stay safe while driving.

Touch Panel

The touch panel is a game-changing feature in modern motorcycle helmets with GPS HUD technology, such as the Bilt Techno 2.0 Bluetooth.


Located on the left earpiece of the helmet, this feature allows riders to easily control various features, ensuring that their focus remains on the road ahead.

Whether adjusting the volume of your music, answering phone calls, or navigating through the helmet’s menu options, the touch panel provides an intuitive and safe way to stay connected while on the go.


The battery is a critical component of any electronic device, and the same is true for the Cross Helmet X1 HUD, a smart motorcycle helmet with a rearview camera.

The helmet’s battery is powered by Lithium-Ceramic Batteries (LCB), known for their lightweight and long-lasting properties.

With a 6-8 hours lifespan, the battery provides ample power to support all the features of the Cross Helmet X1, including the Heads-Up Display (HUD) and a rearview camera.

Available Variants

Fortunately, the Cross Helmet X1 is available in various sizes to ensure the perfect fit for every rider.

The helmet comes in sizes M1 (58 cm), M2 (59 cm), M3 (60 cm), L1 (61 cm), L2 (62 cm), and L3 (63 cm), so you can find the right size to suit your head shape and size.

Despite its impressive features, the Cross Helmet X1 is a bit heavier, weighing 1,780g.

However, the added weight is hardly noticeable when riding, thanks to its well-balanced design. The Cross Helmet X1 is available only in Luster Black for now.

Reasons to Buy

  • Broader View
  • Great battery life
  • Open front
  • Touch panel

Reasons to Avoid

  • A nearby camera will not work if you have a passenger.

      Cross Helmet X1 HUD FAQs

      What’s the best smart helmet?

      Many great smart helmets are on the market, but the “best” one will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Some popular options include the Sena Momentum Pro, the Coros Omni Smart Helmet, and the Livall BH51M Neo.

      Is CrossHelmet real?

      Yes, CrossHelmet is a real company that produces smart motorcycle helmets. Their flagship product, the CrossHelmet X1, features a range of advanced technologies, including a rearview camera, sound control, and smartphone connectivity.

      How much is the CrossHelmet?

      As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the CrossHelmet X1 was priced at $1,799 USD on the company’s website. Prices may have changed since then.

      What is the dot logo on helmets?

      The DOT logo on a helmet indicates that it meets the safety standards of the U.S. Department of Transportation. Helmets with this certification have passed specific tests and are considered safe for use on the road.

      Why are cross helmets different?

      Cross helmets, also known as adventure or dual-sport helmets, are designed to meet off-road riders requiring additional protection and versatility. They typically feature a giant visor for better visibility and more rugged construction to withstand impacts and rough terrain.

      Are cross helmets safe?

      Yes, cross helmets are designed to meet the same safety standards as other motorcycle helmets. Many riders find that they offer additional protection due to their sturdier construction and more comprehensive coverage. 

      Wrapping Up!

      The CrossHelmet X1 HUD is an innovative and feature-rich helmet that has revolutionized the riding experience for motorcycle enthusiasts.

      This helmet offers a lot of advantages due to its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design, including higher safety, improved visibility, and increased convenience for riders.

      The CrossHelmet X1 HUD is a top-of-the-line gadget with unmatched performance and comfort, from its sleek and attractive appearance to its integrated head-up display, Bluetooth connectivity, and noise-cancelling characteristics.

      Does your CrossHelmet X1 HUD already exist?

      In that case, how well did it function for you? If not, do you have any plans to get one?


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