You want to know how to lock your helmet to your motorcycle, right? Well, I’ve got just the thing for you: a helmet lock!

Using a helmet lock is the best and simplest way to keep your helmet safe when you’re away from your bike.

Attach the helmet lock to a sturdy part of your motorcycle, like the handlebars or the frame, and then slip the helmet’s D-ring or buckle through the lock.

It’s super easy and ensures your helmet stays where you left it.

What is a Helmet Lock?

Have you ever wondered how to keep your helmet safe and secure when not wearing it? Well, that’s where a helmet lock comes in handy.


A helmet lock is a nifty device designed to fasten your helmet to something like your motorcycle.

Different helmet locks are out there, but the most common ones use a wire. All you need to do is wrap the wire around the chin compartment of your helmet and connect it to your bike’s frame.

That way, no one can snatch your helmet away. And don’t worry if your helmet has an open visor; helmet locks are available that click your chinstrap into place, keeping your helmet protected.

Whether you are rocking some motorcycle helmet speakers, a helmet lock ensures your gear stays where it belongs.

Use a Helmet Lock

I’ll show you how to safely secure your motorbike helmet. The key is to invest in a quality helmet lock made for this purpose. These locks weigh next to nothing and won’t break the bank, typically costing less than $30.

A metal wire is included with most helmet locks so that it may be looped through the visor.

There are locks that can only be opened with a specific code and others that can be opened with a key that may be carried on a keychain.

When you receive your lock, thread the wire through the chinstrap to secure it to your bike.

Check that everything is nice and tight before you lock it up.

If your helmet lacks a visor or simply covers part of your face, a chinstrap lock is an option.

Use a Bike Cable Lock

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to secure your helmet to your motorcycle, using a bike cable lock is a great option.


You know, those wire locks designed for bicycles? They often come with longer cables that can reach your motorcycle. Just make sure to choose one thick and sturdy to prevent easy cutting. But here’s a pro tip

Consider using a chain bike lock instead. It gives you even more peace of mind by allowing you to thread it through your helmet and your motorcycle’s frame.

Where to Attach Your Helmet?

You have a shiny new lock to protect your motorcycle helmet from thieves. Now comes the next question: where should you attach it?

You want to find a spot that’s out of the way but still secure. One option is to place it on the handlebars and wrap the lock around the center steering console.

Just make sure the lock won’t easily slide off. If the handlebars don’t work, loosen the lock around the mirror instead.

Another possibility is attaching it to the passenger pegs, but remember that it might get dirty if it’s closer to the ground. And don’t forget to regularly clean your helmet, especially if it’s raining or snowy.

If your motorcycle seat is detachable, you can wrap the lock around the middle frame once the seat is removed and then secure it back into place. There you have it!

Different motorcycle helmet types may require slightly different approaches, but these tips should help keep your helmet safe and sound.

When to Use a Helmet Lock?

Most folks usually store their helmets inside their homes when not riding. But a helmet lock can be handy when you’re out and about.


Here are a few situations where it’s useful

When you are popping into Walmart for a quick shopping trip and need to leave your bike in the parking lot, during a lunch break while enjoying a Saturday ride with friends, and heading into a restaurant for some delicious food and drinks, or when you are parking your bike outside your office in a private parking area.

Wrapping Up!

Securing your helmet on your motorcycle is a simple yet essential step to protect your gear from theft or damage.

Using a helmet lock lets you enjoy peace of mind knowing that your helmet is safe and secure while you are away from your bike.

Remember to choose a sturdy, reliable lock compatible with your motorcycle’s structure.

Whether running errands, enjoying a meal with friends, or visiting someone, keeping your helmet locked to your motorcycle ensures that you can entirely focus on your activities without worrying about your gear.

Ride safe and save your helmet protected!


Steve Hector is a writer for Biker Aware, specializing in all things motorcycles. With over many years of experience on two wheels, Steve is passionate about sharing his knowledge and insights with fellow riders. His love for motorcycles began at a young age, and he has since explored countless roads and destinations, fueling his writing and inspiring others to experience the thrill of the open road. When he's not riding, Steve enjoys tinkering with motorcycles and sharing his expertise with us.

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