• Color: Fasthouse Matte Black/White (2023)
  • Brand: VEGA
  • Special Feature: Adjustable
Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet
  • Brand: BELL
  • Material: Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Color: Matte Black
ScorpionEXO EXO-ST1400 Carbon Helmet
  • Brand: ScorpionEXO
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Item Weight: 4.8 Pounds

Attention, motorcycle enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of protection without compromising comfort and agility on the road! Feast your eyes on a revolutionary innovation in headgear: the lightest full face helmets.

Gone are the days of bulky, restrictive headgear that feels like an encumbrance rather than a safeguard.

Picture this: a small motorcycle helmet, so feather-light it defies gravity, offering unparalleled freedom and aerodynamics.

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie craving adrenaline-fueled adventures or a practical rider valuing safety without sacrificing style, these extraordinary helmets will captivate your imagination.

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards the ultimate helmet experience? Read on to satiate your curiosity and ignite your passion.

Brief History Of Lightweight Motorcycle Helmets

A century ago, motorcycle riders faced the perils of the open road without adequate head protection.

Driven by a desire to prevent recurring head injuries, a visionary British physician introduced the world to the first lightweight motorcycle helmet in 1914.

Constructed using stiff canvas coated in shellac, this rudimentary yet effective invention thwarted a potentially catastrophic head injury during the 1914 Isle of Man race.

Fast forward to the present, and the landscape of motorcycle helmets has drastically transformed. In our pursuit of safety, helmets have become more sophisticated, incorporating innovative features and advanced materials. However, this progress has come at a cost.

The current generation of helmets, such as full-face variants, can weigh up to a hefty 4 lbs, impeding rider comfort and manoeuvrability.

Additionally, modular helmets, equipped with flip-up mechanisms, tend to be even heavier.

Engineering Of Lightweight Motorcycle Helmets

Comprising three essential components, these helmets combine cutting-edge materials and innovative designs for maximum protection and comfort.

The outer shell, typically crafted from plastic polymers like polycarbonate or ABS, forms the first line of defense. Advanced models utilize composite materials, such as fiber and resin blends, to reduce weight without compromising safety.

At the top end of the spectrum, premium helmets incorporate exotic materials like carbon fiber and kevlar, achieving unparalleled lightness.

The inner shell, responsible for absorbing impact, commonly employs expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) or expanded polystyrene. Engineered to deform upon impact, the EPS layer cushions the head, safeguarding against potential injury.

Completing the helmet’s construction is the padding, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for prolonged riding sessions.

While the thickness of the inner EPS layer and padding does contribute to overall weight, their impact is relatively minor compared to the choice of materials for the outer shell.

How Much Does Each Type Of Motorcycle Helmet Weight

1. Beanie Helmets

Beanie helmets are known for their minimalistic design and lightweight construction. These helmets, also referred to as half helmets or skull caps, prioritize comfort and freedom of movement without compromising safety.

Due to their minimal coverage, beanie helmets are generally the lightest among all types of motorcycle helmets.

On average, beanie helmets weigh between 1.5 to 2.5 pounds (0.68 to 1.13 kilograms). 

2. Open Face Helmets

Open-face helmets strike a balance between the minimalism of beanie helmets and the increased protection provided by full-face helmets.

They feature a front-facing visor or shield to protect the rider’s face while leaving the chin and mouth area exposed. The weight of open-face helmets can vary depending on their design and materials.

Typically, open-face helmets weigh between 2.5 to 4 pounds (1.13 to 1.81 kilograms). The added weight compared to beanie helmets is primarily due to the inclusion of a protective visor and increased coverage, which enhances safety. 

3. Full-Face Helmets

When it comes to maximum protection, full-face helmets are the go-to choice for many motorcyclists.

These helmets provide complete coverage for the head, including the chin area, offering optimal safety in the event of a crash or impact. The additional features and materials used in their construction result in a slightly heavier helmet compared to beanie and open face helmets.

On average, full-face helmets typically weigh between 3 to 4 pounds. The increased weight is a result of the added components, such as a sturdy chin bar, integrated visor, and additional padding. 

4. Modular Helmets

Modular helmets, often referred to as flip-up helmets, combine the features of both full-face and open-face helmets. 

Modular helmets feature a hinged chin bar that can be flipped up, allowing riders to enjoy the convenience of an open-face helmet or easily switch to full-face protection when desired.

Due to their multifunctional design and added components, modular helmets tend to be slightly heavier than both open-face and full-face helmets. On average, modular helmets weigh over 4 pounds.

Lightest Full Face Helmet in 2023

ScorpionEXO EXO-R1 Air Carbon Helmet

ScorpionEXO EXO-R1 Air Carbon Helmet

  •    Colour: Matte Black
  •    Brand: ScorpionEXO
  •    Sport: Motorcycling
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ScorpionEXO EXO-ST1400 Carbon Helmet

ScorpionEXO EXO-ST1400 Carbon Helmet

  •    Brand: Matte Black
  •    Colour: ScorpionEXO
  •    Item Weight: 4.8 Pounds
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Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

  •    Color: Matte Black
  •    Brand: BELL
  •    Material: Polycarbonate (PC)


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LS2 Helmets Full Face Rapid Street Helmet

LS2 Helmets Full Face Rapid Street Helmet

  •    Brand: LS2
  •    Material: Plastic
  •    Color: Matte Black
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  •    Brand: BELL
  •    Colour: Fasthouse Matte Black/White (2023)
  •    Special Feature: Adjustable
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GLX GX11 Compact Lightweight

GLX GX11 Compact Lightweight

  •    Brand: GLX
  •    Item Weight: 3.1 Pounds
  •    Material: Polypropylene (PP)
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1. ScorpionEXO EXO-R1 Air Carbon Helmet

ScorpionEXO EXO-R1 Air Carbon Helmet

This Scorpion Exo-R1 Evo Air motorcycle helmet is among the best racing helmets. It's designed explicitly for sporty rides, making it perfect for everyday use and track sessions.

The "Evo" in its name signifies that it meets the latest safety standards, namely the ECE 22.06 homologation.

Starting from 2023, all helmets must adhere to this more stringent and safer certification than the previous ECE 22.05 standard.

Like its predecessor, the all-new Scorpion R-1 Evo Air is an incredibly comfortable helmet.

It boasts a special padding called Kwikick that ensures comfort, breathability, and anti-allergy treatment. It is also designed to accommodate prescription glasses, making it a game-changer for riders who wear them.

What truly sets this helmet apart from others in its league is its customizable interior.

The pads have an inflation system that allows us to adjust the size, ensuring a snug fit that matches our unique head shape. 

This helmet does meet many expectations. It is incredibly light and aerodynamic, making it a breeze to turn your head at speeds up to 50mph. You can feel the wind at higher speeds, but that’s to be expected. 

Its stunning appearance earns constant compliments, and the overall sealing and air pad features are impressive, although I still need to utilize them.

Initially, the helmet was too snug and gave me headaches, but it now fits perfectly after about a month of use. This is a common experience with new helmets, so if you feel it’s too tight, give it time to adjust.

  • Fully carbon fiber shell
  • AirFit system
  • Visor has strong detents
  • No feeling of buffeting at all, even at highway/freeway speeds
  • Multiple visors included
  • The helmet is distinctly intermediate oval
  • The visor lock can be difficult to operate on colder days
Why Should You Buy It?

The venting switches provide optimal airflow, and the easy slip-on design is a dream come true. So, if you are looking for the lightest full-face helmet out there, this one is a no-brainer.

2. ScorpionEXO EXO-ST1400 Carbon Helmet

We all know how important it is to have a lightweight helmet, especially during those long rides. Well, this bad boy weighs in at just 3.05 lbs (1.38 kg)! That’s feather-light, making it super comfortable to wear for extended periods without straining your neck.

Now, let’s dive into the construction. The ScorpionEXO EXO-R1 Air Carbon Helmet features a resin-infused TCT-U 3K carbon fiber shell. Trust me, this stuff is top-notch.

Not only does it provide exceptional strength and durability, but it also keeps the weight down. It’s like having the best of both worlds!

Comfort is key when it comes to helmets, and the ScorpionEXO EXO-R1 Air Carbon Helmet delivers. The interior is fully removable, washable, and replaceable.

Plus, it’s made with an antimicrobial material, so you don’t have to worry about any unpleasant odors lingering around. It’s like having a fresh helmet every time you hit the road.

Oh, and did I mention the speaker pockets? This helmet is designed with quick installation in mind. You can easily set up your favorite speaker system without any hassle.  helmet has got you covered.

I’m digging this helmet—it fits well, is super lightweight, looks rad, and is pretty comfy. I have to give it three stars. 

The sizing chart is way off. Initially, I went for a Large based on my head measurements, but I couldn’t even squeeze it on when it arrived. I had to upsize to an XL, which worked like a charm. 

My advice for anyone eyeing this helmet: go one size up from what the chart suggests. Trust me, and it’ll save you some trouble.

  • Feather-light weight 
  • Resin-infused TCT-U 3K carbon fiber shell 
  • Design minimizes lift 
  • Scorpion’s AirFit inflation adjustment system
  • Fully removable
  • Limited color options compared to other helmets on the market
Why Should You Buy It?

All in all, the ScorpionEXO EXO-R1 Air Carbon Helmet is a winner in my book. It’s lightweight, sturdy, and packed with features that cater to the needs of famous motorcycle riders and enthusiasts alike.

3. Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Let me share my colleague's exciting experience with the Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet.

Mark Sap is an avid rider, searching for the perfect helmet to enhance his biking adventures. 

Upon discovering the Bell Qualifier, he decided to give it a try. From the moment Mark put it on, he was amazed by its feather-light feel and superior comfort. 

Weighing in at a mere 3.5 pounds, this helmet feels like a feather on your head.

And what’s even more impressive is that it’s proudly made right here in the good ol’ USA. You can feel the quality and craftsmanship in every inch of this helmet.

The outer shell is not only lightweight but also incredibly strong and durable.

So, you get the best of both worlds: maximum protection without compromising on comfort. Safety should never be taken lightly, my friend!

Let’s talk about airflow, shall we?

The Bell Qualifier is equipped with a Velocity Flow Ventilation system that’s designed to keep you cool and comfortable, even during the most intense rides. Say goodbye to sweaty foreheads and foggy visors. 

  • Made in the USA
  • Strong and durable outer shell 
  • NutraFog II shield 
  • Velocity Flow Ventilation system 
  • DOT approved and meets the FMVSS 218 Standard
  • Ships with a clear shield only, optional tinted shield sold separately.
Why Should You Buy It?

If you’re searching for the lightest full-face helmet that won’t compromise on protection, the Bell Qualifier is an absolute winner.

With its lightweight construction, durable outer shell, easy shield replacement, superior ventilation, and impeccable safety standards, it’s a no-brainer for any serious rider out there.

4. LS2 Helmets Full Face Rapid Street Helmet

LS2 Helmets Full Face Rapid Street Helmet

I've been using this helmet for a few weeks, and it's been great. It fits me perfectly and looks excellent. It's pretty lightweight and very well-made. 

Compared to my old Shoei, I prefer this one. Thanks to the multiple shells for different sizes, it's comfortable and doesn't make me feel like a bobblehead.

I had a scary incident where I was sideswiped by a car, but this helmet held up perfectly, protecting my head from injuries. I highly recommend it for its durability and safety.

The design of this LS2 helmet is sleek, and it cuts through the wind smoothly. It’s quieter than my previous helmet, and the Battleship Grey color adds to its low-profile appearance. 

The large size fits me well, with a head measurement of 58 centimeters.

One thing to note is that it doesn’t glow as indicated, which was disappointing. However, overall, I’m very pleased with this purchase. I even found some helpful YouTube reviews that provide more detailed specifications

  • Stylish design and attractive appearance
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Reasonably priced
  • Interior material feels cheap and scratchy
Why Should You Buy It?

With its two shells for the perfect fit, quick-release chinstrap, lightweight and aerodynamic shell, and removable comfort padding, this helmet is an absolute game-changer. Trust me, once you try it, you won’t want to ride without it.

5. BELL Super Air R MIPS 


The BELL Super Air R MIPS boasts a fusion in-molding polycarbonate shell and progressive layering.

Now, I know those terms might sound fancy, but what they really mean is that this helmet is built to withstand both high-speed and low-speed impacts.

Safety is absolutely paramount, and with this helmet on your noggin, you can ride with confidence, knowing that your head is well-protected.

Recently, my neighbor had an exhilarating experience with this helmet and couldn’t stop raving about it. 

He shared how this helmet’s fusion in-molding polycarbonate shell and progressive layering provided exceptional protection against high-speed and low-speed impacts.

Let’s dive into the comfort aspect. The X-STATIC padding and wraparound chin bar are pure bliss.

The padding is not only incredibly soft but also infused with X-STATIC technology, which means it’s antimicrobial and keeps nasty odors at bay. 

But wait, there’s more!

The BELL Super Air R MIPS also features something called Overbrow Ventilation.

This nifty feature allows cool air to flow in through the helmet, while hot air is efficiently pushed out. Say goodbye to sweaty discomfort and hello to a refreshing breeze as you conquer the roads.

  • Impressive safety features
  • Comfortable fit
  • Overbrow Ventilation
  • Remarkably lightweight design 
  • The price tag might be a bit steep for some budget-conscious riders.
Why Should You Buy It?

If you are on the hunt for the best motorcycle half helmet or the lightest youth full face helmet, look no further than the BELL Super Air R MIPS. 

6. GLX GX11 Compact Lightweight

GLX GX11 Compact Lightweight

I haven't personally used this helmet. However, I conducted thorough research and gathered insights from those who have experienced it firsthand.

Based on their feedback, I can confidently say this helmet is highly regarded in the mountain biking community. 

This helmet is not only the lightest full-face mountain bike helmet I’ve come across but it’s also packed with some seriously impressive features that will make your riding experience top-notch.

 This helmet weighs in at an unbelievable 3.01 pounds. Can you believe that? It’s incredibly lightweight, and you won’t even feel like you’re wearing a full-face helmet.

Trust me, this makes a huge difference when you’re out on the trails, especially during those long rides where every ounce matters.

The GLX GX11 boasts a compact and aerodynamic DOT shell design. Not only does this give it a sleek and stylish look, but it also enhances its overall performance.

It cuts through the wind effortlessly, allowing you to focus on what really matters – enjoying your ride to the fullest.

And let’s not forget about the shield. The GLX GX11 comes with a unique 3D molded shield that offers excellent optical clarity and protection against the elements.

It’s designed to resist scratches and fogging, so you’ll always have a clear line of sight on the trail ahead. Safety and visibility – two crucial factors that this helmet nails effortlessly.

  • Unbelievably lightweight 
  • Compact and aerodynamic DOT shell design 
  • Multiple ventilation panels 
  • Trendsetting springs 
  • Unique 3D molded shield 
  • May feel a bit snug for those with larger head sizes
Why Should You Buy It?

To sum it all up, the GLX GX11 Compact Lightweight helmet is the real deal when it comes to the lightest full face mountain bike helmets on the market.

With its feather-light weight, sleek design, superior ventilation, precise functionality, and top-notch shield, it’s a must-have for any serious rider. 

What To Consider in a Lightweight Motorcycle Helmet

1. Use

When choosing a lightweight motorcycle helmet, one of the most crucial factors to consider is its intended use. Are you a casual rider who enjoys weekend excursions, or do you frequently participate in competitive racing?

The helmet’s purpose will influence the specific features you should prioritize.

For casual riders, a ultra low profile DOT helmet can offer a comfortable and stylish option. 

2. Cost

While the cost of a lightweight motorcycle helmet should never be the sole determining factor, it is undoubtedly an aspect that cannot be ignored. It is essential to strike a balance between your budget and the helmet’s quality and features.

Fortunately, advancements in manufacturing techniques and materials have made lightweight helmets more accessible across a range of price points. 

3. Safety

Safety should always be the foremost concern when selecting any motorcycle helmet. Although lightweight helmets prioritize reduced weight, they should never compromise on protection.

Carbon fiber is a material often utilized in lightweight helmet construction, as it offers exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.

Look for helmets that meet or exceed safety standards such as DOT, ECE, or Snell certifications. 

4. Expendability

Motorcycle helmets are subject to wear and tear, especially in demanding riding conditions. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the expendability of a lightweight helmet.

Can the helmet’s components be easily replaced or upgraded if needed? Are replacement parts readily available in the market?

Opting for a helmet with removable and washable liners not only improves hygiene but also allows for easy replacement if the liners become worn out. 

5. Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber has become synonymous with lightweight and high-performance motorcycle helmets.

This composite material consists of carbon fibers embedded in a resin matrix, resulting in a helmet that is not only lightweight but also incredibly strong.

Helmets constructed with carbon fiber shells strike a balance between weight reduction and impact resistance, offering superior protection.

6. Aerodynamics and Lift

A well-designed lightweight motorcycle helmet should prioritize aerodynamics to reduce drag and minimize wind resistance.

By reducing aerodynamic forces, riders can experience improved stability and enhanced control at higher speeds.

Furthermore, the design should take into account lift, which can occur when wind flows over the helmet’s surface. 

7. Ventilation

When wearing a motorcycle helmet, ventilation plays a crucial role in ensuring comfort during rides, especially in warm weather conditions. Proper airflow helps regulate temperature and prevents excessive sweating, fogging of the visor, and discomfort.

Lightweight helmets should incorporate efficient ventilation systems that promote airflow without compromising safety.

Look for helmets with strategically placed intake and exhaust vents that facilitate the circulation of fresh air while expelling heat and moisture. 

Lightest Full Face Helmet FAQs

Why aren’t all helmets lightweight?

Not all helmets are lightweight because different helmet designs and materials serve different purposes. Some helmets prioritize other factors like durability, impact absorption, or meeting specific safety standards, which may add weight.

Are lightweight helmets safe?

Lightweight helmets can still be safe if they meet the necessary safety certifications and standards. The safety of a helmet depends on its overall construction, including impact-absorbing materials, proper fit, and design features.

How much should a motorcycle helmet weigh?

On average, a full-face motorcycle helmet typically weighs around 3-4 pounds (1.4-1.8 kilograms). However, it’s crucial to prioritize proper fit and safety certifications over weight alone.

What is stronger carbon fiber or polycarbonate?

Carbon fiber is generally stronger than polycarbonate. Carbon fiber offers an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, making it a popular choice for high-performance helmets. Polycarbonate, on the other hand, is known for its impact resistance and affordability, but it may not provide the same level of strength as carbon fibre.


When it comes to finding the lightest full-face helmet for motorcycle enthusiasts, it is essential to prioritize both safety and comfort.

The Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet and GLX GX11 Compact Lightweight Helmet are two exceptional choices that strike the perfect balance between weight, protection, and convenience.

Both the Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet and the GLX GX11 Compact Lightweight Helmet have undergone rigorous safety testing to meet industry standards and ensure rider protection.

These helmets are designed to provide optimal impact absorption, minimizing the risk of head injuries in case of accidents.

Choose the helmet that best suits your personal preferences and enjoy your rides with peace of mind knowing you’ve made a wise choice for your protection.


Steve Hector is a writer for Biker Aware, specializing in all things motorcycles. With over many years of experience on two wheels, Steve is passionate about sharing his knowledge and insights with fellow riders. His love for motorcycles began at a young age, and he has since explored countless roads and destinations, fueling his writing and inspiring others to experience the thrill of the open road. When he's not riding, Steve enjoys tinkering with motorcycles and sharing his expertise with us.

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