Honda Ruckus is a solid yes for you, if you’re looking for an elegant yet efficient ride to cruise around the town.

It has to be the world’s most innovative and entertaining mode of transportation.

Its compact size makes it easy to move from one place to another, and once you get there, you can park it almost anywhere.

Okay but how fast is a honda ruckus? Well keeping it short, as fast as a cheetah on Red Bull.

Of course that doesn’t make sense, Read our article to find out instead.

Honda Ruckus 2023 Top Speed

The typical Honda ruckus top speed is claimed to be 40 mph, after which the little, 4-5 horsepower engine runs out of power, RPMs, or both.

But this is only the top speed that has been officially rated. This quantity might vary greatly depending on outside factors and internal mechanics including the cc of its engine.

 For example, a 250cc Ruckus has a top speed of 80mph, while Honda Grom’s top speed is 73 mph.

Quick 2023 Ruckus Info:

Model Options / VariationsJust One Model Configuration
Price /MSRP$2,899

2023 Honda Ruckus Performance Info:

Horsepower 4.3 HP @ 8,000 RPM
Torque 3.35  ft/lb TQ @ 7,000 RPM
Top Speed 35-40 MPH
MPG 111 Miles Per Gallon

Misc 2023 Honda Ruckus Info / Specs:

Weight 194 lbs (curb weight)
Seat Height 28.9 inches
Fuel Tank Size 1.3 Gallons
Fuel Range Per Tank 148 miles (approximately)
Announcement Date March 2022
Release Date April 2022
Colors White/Metal,Blue, Gray, Midnight Blue
Model ID NPS50
Ruckus Price Increase +$100

Honda Big Ruckus Top Speed

Loving the Ruckus look but you just can’t have it because you want something with a bit more power? I got you!

Consider the 250cc Honda ruckus scooter, I mean, Honda Big Ruckus.

Honda Ruckus 2023 Top Speed

Big Ruckus’ top speed according to the owners reaches up to 80 mph, despite that the claimed top speed is closer to 70 mph.

Having said that, you should still expect anything over around 60 mph to feel a little unsteady because this scooter is still essentially a small displacement scooter with little wind protection and tiny tires.

Honda Ruckus Specs

The Honda Ruckus, 49cc scooter is designed primarily for urban commuting. Its top speed can be affected by several specifications, including:

  • The single-cylinder, air-cooled engine of a Ruckus generates roughly 4.5+ horsepower. The top speed will increase as engine power increases.
  • The honda ruckus weighs around 194 pounds.
  •  The Ruckus comes with a 49cc engine, which is relatively small.
  • The Ruckus has a continuously variable transmission (CVT) i.e it doesn’t have fixed gear ratios.

Factors Affecting Ruckus Top speed

1. Wind

Strong winds affect your Honda ruckus speed, bringing it below its rated top speed, 40mph.

Some cyclists attempt to prevent this by engaging in risky maneuvers like drafting behind semi-trucks. Although it is undoubtedly dangerous and not a recommended riding style, doing so can cause the Ruckus to travel faster than its declared top speed.

2. Grade

Hills are the main element influencing the Ruckus’ speed because of its small motor’s output of 4.3 horsepower.

Honda Ruckus Top Speed - Hill

The scooter can travel at 45 mph on a high ascent, but will probably slow to less than 30 mph on a steep descent.

3. Weight

The weight limit of a Honda Ruckus for one passenger is 220 pounds, but more weight will naturally lower the top speed

The scooter itself weighs about 200 pounds only.

Mods and Specs

Modifications in the ruckus scooter can increase or decrease its top speed. Some users, trying to achieve greater speed, swap the 49cc engine out with a 149cc GY6 engine. You can reach a top speed of about 60 mph by doing this.

Must Read!
In order to lose weight, many Ruckus owners like to stretch out or disassemble the frame, although this can be risky. In order to boost speed and improve traction, they also install bigger tyres.

How Does The 2023 Honda Ruckus Compare to Past models?

Since the Honda Ruckus’ 2003 launch, not much has changed. In particular, the engine and transmission bear this out.

The Ruckus’s peak speed hasn’t varied much from 40 mph over the course of its nearly two decades of manufacture because it has consistently been a 49cc with automatic shifting.

How Does The 2023 Honda Ruckus Compare to Past model

Nevertheless, Honda has made a few modifications throughout the years that have had an impact on speed. For instance, in 2008 they flattened the seat, making it much more comfortable but also encouraging a less aerodynamic seating position.

Other adjustments have also been made, however they have no impact on the ruckus scooter top speed. Honda expanded the available colors to gray, midnight blue/tan, and white/metallic blue in addition to adding a locking feature on the seat for helmet storage.

Engine and Transmission

Honda Ruckus is equipped with a 49cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine which  has an effective liquid cooling system.

To supply fuel to the engine, an 18mm CV carburetor with an automated choke is used.

It has a CD ignition system and an 11.9:1 compression ratio in its engine. The ruckus scooter’s electronic control unit controls the automatic choke, electric fuel pump, ACG starter, and ignition timing.

With the Honda Ruckus’ automated V-Matic transmission, you can navigate the city without worrying about gear changes

HorsePower And Performance

The Honda Ruckus produces 4-5 hp of max power at 8,000 rpm and 3.35 lb/ft of max torque at 7,000 rpm.

In terms of performance, the Honda Ruckus is not designed for speed, but rather for efficiency and ease of use.

Body And Suspension

The Honda Ruckus is known for its excellent handling and maneuverability, thanks to its lightweight frame and low center of gravity.

Body and Suspension

It comes with a lightweight, two-piece chassis with an aluminum swingarm. A front frame made of die-cast aluminum and an upper rear frame made of steel make up its chassis.

Twin down tube front forks with 1.9-inch travel are installed on the Honda Ruckus. Its single-sided aluminum swingarm is connected to a single shock absorber in the back. The suspension system provides a smooth, controlled ride.

How Long To Reach The Top Speed On Honda Ruckus?

Reaching top speed on a Honda Ruckus can take anywhere from 20 seconds to a full minute, if you’re a reasonably average-sized person  riding a ruckus.

Honda Ruckus Top Speed Modifications:

Following are the best Honda ruckus mods to increase your speed.

1. Airbox delete

Opening up your Ruckus’s constrained air intake system is one approach to get it closer to highway speeds.

First, ask yourself “Why.” Then, take into account the following. Do I require greater performance? How much do I need if I do?

The fastest way to accomplish this is to swap out the stock air filter for a free-flowing aftermarket filter, e.g any of the dozen knockoff oil and foam filters currently available.

Completely removing the airbox and swapping it up for a straightforward hose and pod filter configuration also results in less mess behind the seat, giving your Ruck a more customized appearance.

2. Aftermarket Variator

Top speed is one of many strong reasons to replace the factory exhaust on the Ruckus with an aftermarket one.

The stock pipe Honda fits to the Ruckus weighs somewhere north of 12 lbs, and a good aftermarket system will cut that weight by more than half.

3. Reject the carburetor

Rejetting the carburetor in a Honda Ruckus can potentially increase speed by improving the air-to-fuel ratio, which affects the engine’s performance.

Reject the carburetor

The carburetor controls the amount of air and fuel that enters the engine, and the stock carburetor is usually tuned for fuel economy rather than performance.

If you’re only installing an aftermarket air filter, you shouldn’t need to rejet your carburetor. However, if you’re thinking of completely removing your airbox, a jet kit is essential, and some owners may even go so far as to replace the carburetor with a larger diameter unit.

4. Gearing

So if you’ve done all the aforementioned modifications, and now hope that your scooter’s top speed is constrained by engine RPM rather than engine power  then, replacing your factory ruckus gears with a set of final drive gears from a Honda Metropolitan will do the job.

The theory is that once that tiny 49cc engine produces enough horsepower to exceed 50 mph, it will also be able to pull bigger gears.

How Many Miles Will A Honda Ruckus Last?

According to google search. A honda ruckus lasts 5000-20,000 miles depending upon its regular maintenance and mechanical issues. But what is high mileage for a motorcycle?

Honda Ruckus Top Speed FAQs

Is Honda Ruckus street legal?

Yes, honda ruckus is street legal.

How much does a honda ruckus cost?

Its price starts at $2,899 and it is available in three color options.

Is ruckus two strokes?

No, ruckus comes with a four-stroke engine.

Does the Honda ruckus come with disc brakes?

No, The Ruckus comes with 95 mm mechanical drum brakes on both wheels and it also doesn’t get ABS or CBS.

How fast is a 150cc ruckus?

The 150cc Honda Ruckus has a top speed of 65-70 mph.

Can you ride a honda ruckus on a freeway?

No, although they’re street legal, they are still not allowed to be driven on major freeways.

Is honda ruckus 49cc or 50cc?

Honda Ruckus has a 49cc engine.


In conclusion, the Honda Ruckus is a popular scooter that has captured the attention of many riders, especially those who prioritize style and reliability. In this comprehensive guide of ours, we covered the top speed of Honda Ruckus including the factors affecting it and mods and specs to increase your speed.


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