To be completely honest, I never really liked the idea of wearing a Bluetooth device on my head while riding a motorcycle because, of course, the thought of safety always comes to mind before anything, but after I started using one, my opinion of it changed. I’ll fill you in on everything.

Well, Bluetooth helmets are becoming more and more popular among motorcyclists as a result of the development of technology and the demand for more convenience and safety while riding.

But, it’s critical to comprehend the pros and cons of these helmets as well as how they will affect your riding experience before making a choice. 


This article will examine if purchasing a Bluetooth motorbike helmet is worthwhile and will offer insightful analysis and facts to assist you in making a well-informed choice.

Is It Worth Getting a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

So is a motorcycle helmet with bluetooth really worth going for? To answer this let me give you an overview of how it works. I mean what are its advantages and disadvantages? Is it even safe to wear? Stay with me, I got you.

Obvious from their name, these helmets work by using bluetooth technology, which is a wireless communication protocol that allows electronic devices to communicate with each other over short distances without the need for cables or wires.

A Bluetooth helmet provides the riders with a handful of benefits including the ability to stream music, hands-free conversation with your passenger or other riders if you’re group riding, navigation, and of course the fair price. 

Yes you heard it right!

A Bluetooth helmet is not that much more expensive than your regular motorcycle helmet. Moreover, It also mutes obnoxious traffic and wind noise, offering you to concentrate more and ride safer!  

As the Bluetooth technology’s capabilities are only growing, you won’t get any other better time to invest in a bluetooth helmet than now.

Bluetooth Helmets vs Intercom Mounting Systems

So what’s the difference between a bluetooth helmet and an intercom system for motorcycles?


The major difference I get to think of, before anything else is that, a bluetooth helmet is an integrated or built in motorcycle helmet system while the intercom mounting system is a separate bindable unit that can be attached to any motorcycle’s helmet.

Several intercom systems utilise wireless Bluetooth technology, similar to bluetooth helmets.

You can say that a Bluetooth intercom system could convert literally any helmet into a Bluetooth helmet. 

They are somewhat more versatile than a Bluetooth helmet because they may be switched from one helmet to another.

However, compared to Bluetooth helmets, the control mechanisms are typically less complex because Bluetooth is integrated into the helmet system.

Some intercom mounting systems also come with wires which are pretty useless to be practical. I mean they’re exposed and more likely to get wear and tear with extended use thus giving the bluetooth system a plus point in competition.

Bluetooth Helmets and Communication


One of the main advantages of Bluetooth helmets is communication. Following are some benefits of using a Bluetooth helmet system for communication:

Smooth communication

A Bluetooth helmet allows riders to communicate with passengers or other riders without using their hands or taking their eyes off the road.

Extended battery life

Most Bluetooth helmets come with long battery life, allowing riders to enjoy uninterrupted communication and music for extended periods.

Enhanced features

By using Bluetooth helmets, both communication and accident prevention can be considerably enhanced.

However, despite all these advantages, some people still tend to run into a few problems regarding communication associated with Bluetooth helmets. 

Poor signals

Extremely curved roads can cause breakage of Bluetooth signals, leaving riders rely on hand signals or other supplementary communications


Sometimes communication is more challenging at faster speeds with Bluetooth helmets because the noise filtering technology that it uses to block out noise pollution can also reduce the volume of human voices.

Bluetooth Helmets and Navigation

Do you also need help with navigation like me? Well, a bluetooth helmet is where your solution lies.  


Motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth and GPS can be used to notify your whereabouts in the event of a crime or traffic accident in addition to just advising you on the best route to take to avoid traffic, bad weather, or other delays.

The benefits of using a Bluetooth helmet for navigation include increased safety, convenience, and ease of use. The directions are sent in real-time to the rider’s helmet, so they don’t have to worry about getting lost or missing a turn.

Bluetooth Helmet and Music

According to reports, music enhances cognitive processes. Some people are addicted to music. They can concentrate better while listening to music. 

Good for them, a bluetooth helmet allows them to wirelessly stream music on motorcycle

You can enjoy this luxury without adding extras to your helmets, like headphones or helmet speakers; all it takes is access to a stream of your favourite music

If your helmet lacks a built-in bluetooth system and you want to add bluetooth speakers to your helmet, i’ve a suggestion for you. 

The best motorcycle helmet speakers

  1. Wipe Eyes E1 Bluetooth Speaker
  2. EDSACE Bluetooth Speaker

      Bluetooth helmets and safety 

      Bluetooth helmets are made to adhere to the same safety regulations as traditional helmets. 


      In the case of an impact, they protect the head, and some versions also include extra safety features like reflective materials and LED lights for better visibility.

      Bluetooth helmets can also improve safety by enabling motorcyclists to maintain contact while on the road. They can talk to other riders or a passenger, get GPS directions, and even listen to music or make phone calls.

      However, we can’t ignore the fact that for some people, the helmet bluetooth system may serve as a distraction. 

      Talking to your buddy on call while overtaking that big truck? or belting out your favourite tune alongside Lana Del Ray while you’re on the motorway? Pretty risky isn’t it? 

      As a result of distracted driving, fatal incidents involving motorcycles are on the rise.

      You’re not as concentrated on defensive riding as you could be if you’re tinkering with Google Maps, browsing your playlists, or conversing with a passenger. 

      But don’t worry it’s not the case for responsible users though. 

      Riders who use hand-off technology are still less likely to get into road accidents compared to manual helmet users, according to scientific studies.

      Drawbacks of Bluetooth helmets

      Bluetooth helmets offer many benefits for sure, but there are some drawbacks to be considered before going for them. These include;


      Although Bluetooth technology is thought to be less disturbing than analogue technology, it is still thought to be more distracting than using no auxiliary equipment at all.


      Although cheaper Bluetooth helmets are available for about the same price as a typical motorcycle helmet, their performance is inferior to that of Bluetooth helmets that cost more.


      One of the main advantages of Bluetooth motorbike helmets is group communication.


      but It’s crucial to first take the size of the riding group into account. Due to the limits of Bluetooth technology, larger groups may require assistance communicating with all passengers. 

      Noise reduction

      Inexpensive Bluetooth devices could overcompensate for noise filtration to block out traffic noise, resulting in a weak or echoey Bluetooth connection.


      While it is unlikely that your device would be hacked while you are driving continuously, there is a danger that other devices on an unprotected wireless network could interfere with your connection if you pull over for something.

      This sync could endanger your phone or any other connected device. However a high-quality helmet can offer a better level of security against hacking, albeit being more expensive. The system will always be closed off to all irrelevant signals coming from other devices.

      Battery life

      A Bluetooth helmet that is continuously used for its Bluetooth capabilities will need to be recharged often. 

      It also drains the battery life of your smart phone quickly.

      Things To Consider When Buying a Bluetooth Helmet


      Here’s a list of some important things you need to consider before investing in a Bluetooth helmet;


      Always keep in mind that the more money you spend on a Bluetooth helmet, the greater quality and range you’re going to receive. As a result, before purchasing a bluetooth helmet, I advise you to determine how much money you are willing to spend on it.


      Will the sound of music or vocal orders in a Bluetooth helmet drown out traffic noise to the point of hazard for older riders or cyclists with hearing loss? It’s probably too loud if you can’t hear the traffic above the sound of your helmet.



      If you’re purchasing a second-hand bluetooth helmet, make sure that there are no signs of structural deterioration that might prohibit it from protecting your head.

      Facial Protection

      Bluetooth helmets come with different types, including half face or open face motorcycle helmets, but the safest among these are the Bluetooth full-face helmet.

       A full-face helmet is much more protective than one without a visor.


      A child-sized motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth functionality is required in addition to your main Bluetooth helmet if you frequently transport children as passengers on your motorcycle.

      DOT certified

      If a Bluetooth helmet has a DOT sticker, only purchase it then. The helmet will be secure to wear because it has acquired the Department of Transportation safety certifications.


      Check out additional helmet features like deflectors, vents, and adequate padding that could make or break your decision to buy. The weight of the helmet should also be manageable.

      Is Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Worth Getting FAQs

      How does bluetooth technology work in a motorcycle helmet?

      The bluetooth technology in a bluetooth helmet generates or allows wireless connection between the helmet and other bluetooth enabled devices like your smartphone for example.

      The helmet has a Bluetooth transceiver that enables it to communicate over radio waves. It is placed at the bottom of your full face helmet, near your mouth. so the device can pick up your voice.

      Are there any safety concerns with using bluetooth in a motorcycle helmet?

      The only safety concern with helmet bluetooth systems is that sometimes they may dampen out human voices too. This is due to the noise filtering technology built in the bluetooth helmets.

      Are all motorcycle helmets with bluetooth technology the same?

      No, not all motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth technology are the same. Some helmets may have a built-in Bluetooth system, while others may require an external Bluetooth device to be added.

      Do laws prohibit the use of helmets equipped with bluetooth technology?

      Currently there’s no law regarding your bluetooth helmet but according to google search, modifying your device is prohibited. I mean fitting a Bluetooth device without having to drill holes or change the physical structure of your helmet is legal. 

      But you should always first check your state laws regarding bluetooth helmets.


      In conclusion, Bluetooth helmets can be a useful addition to your riding experience because they combine convenience, safety, and enjoyment.

      They offer a hands-free means of talking on the phone, listening to music or GPS directions, and interacting with other riders. 

      For someone who spends a lot of time on the road, they are worth considering even though they could be a little more expensive than conventional helmets due to the advantages they provide. 

      It is evident from the helmets’ rising popularity that they have evolved into a necessary piece of gear for contemporary motorcycle riders.

      Hence, purchasing a Bluetooth helmet might be a wise decision if you’re seeking a way to improve your riding experience.

      Thank you for reading. Leave a comment below and let us know what we’re missing!


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