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From its specs and features to its top-speed capabilities, we’ve got you covered. Read now!

So you’re also a fan of sporty, nimble motorcycles like me? I see. I know you’re desperately in need of something for city rides, but scooters seem so boring and very old school. 

If you need something more fancy and speedy, I bet a Honda grom is a smart choice for you!


In this article. We will be focusing on the latest 2023 Grom top speed, and what sets it apart from its predecessors.

How Fast Does The Honda Grom Go?

Honda Grom’s max speed for the latest model (2023) is claimed to be 59 to 73 miles per hour.

The Honda Grom’s top speed during a revolution has never been measured in practice.

How Does The 2023 Honda Grom Compare To Past Models?

To be completely honest, the newest Honda grom model does not alter that much from the earlier models (2022). They are essentially the same. 

Colors and price are the sole modifications to the 2023 Honda Grom 125 for the USA. Queen Bee Yellow and Candy Blue colors from 2022 are no longer available for the latest model of Grom.

They are replaced by Force Silver Metallic and Cherry Red.

The first-ever model, released in 2014, claims to have a top speed of 55 mph. The second model, that came out in 2016, has 56 mph as its top speed.

Grom max speed for the 2020 model is 54 mph, while the 2022 and the latest 2023 have the same top speeds.

Huge Factors That Affect Honda Grom Speed



The direction of wind can affect the speed of your ride and you may not even hit the rated 59 mph

Your speed will be impacted if the wind is blowing against you. or a strong wind on your back can cause you to go beyond the permitted speed.


Going uphill restricts your grom bike’s top speed because the gradients rapidly decrease below 45 mph.

Honda Grom tends to yield the greatest speeds when cycling downhill.


The official weight limitation for the Honda Grom is 140 kg, or 309 lbs, according to the manufacturers. Your bike will get slower as you get closer to this standard; the main factors may be your body size or the presence of additional cargo or passengers.

The same motor can move less weight more quickly than it would otherwise.

Some Grom riders modify their bikes to reduce weight in order to solve this issue. They either take off particular components or swap them out for lighter alternatives.

Doing this is unquestionably a good technique as long as the modified components are authorized and of the highest caliber, leaving nothing out that is required for the bike to operate safely.

Specs and modes

The parts and specs of the grom also impact your speed, other than just external factors.


 The air intake, exhaust system, and fuel injectors are some of these components. Your peak speed can go up if you install aftermarket parts that are better, but it can go down if you don’t maintain them properly.

Your riding skills

You don’t have to worry so much about your load if you’re a skilled rider though, you know exactly how to pull the strings!

Honda grom’s top speed is directly influenced by your riding technique. On broad roads, for instance, rapid gear changes, powerful braking methods, and superb handlebar control will increase your speed.

But what if you aren’t a skilled rider? You should probably let go of the thought of riding a grom. 

Just kidding though. you can always improve your driving techniques, consulting qualified instructors in the field.

The riding terrains

Everyone just ignores the riding terrains when it comes to factors affecting the speed of your Honda grom. But hear me out, they possess numerous factors that can affect your baby bike’s speed okay?

Such as the landscape’s scope, the surface roughness, the weather conditions, or your fitness level.

You’ll get to achieve a greater speed while riding on a leveled ground compared to an uneven ,bumpy one. 

Or if riding in the same direction as the wind, you may surpass the claimed top speed too.

Tip To Make Your Honda Grom Faster


Reduce the overall weight

Just like how you can carry lighter things easily, apply this to your Honda Grom too. The lighter the overall weight, including the riders, the greater the speed and vice versa.

Now, how do you reduce the overall motorcycle weight to achieve your desirable speed?

Easy. The engine of your bike contributes chiefly to the overall weight. Even now, many users use lead acid batteries, which are bulky! Try shifting to deep-cycle lithium ion batteries, specifically LiFePO4 batteries.

Other options to reduce your overall load include, opting for lighter tires and keeping your hands out of the cookie jar.

Change the Fork oil

Replacing your old fork with thinner fluids which flow more quickly and produce a springier, quicker reaction to a single shock in the back tires is your best option to increase your grom’s speed.

This will make the 125cc engine modifications more rigid and unyielding, and will increase the machine’s speed.

Upgrade the brakes

Top speed of Honda grom cannot be achieved with its original components.

Experts advise replacing the braking systems on your grom with aftermarket ones that function better Because they can’t help you reach your top speed. You get what I’m saying?

You can always go for a lower cost option, like installing a steel hose kit, if the brake installment is expensive for you.

These keep the braking steady and respond well to system control. Steel braided kits don’t expand at high temperatures like their rubber equivalents do.

Honda Grom Specifications-2023 Model.


Following are some of the specifications that make Honda Grom motorcycles so unique;

  • The motorcycle is renowned for being easy to maneuver and having good fuel economy, making it ideal for riding in cities.
  • The Honda Grom has a 124cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine with a longer stroke, hydraulic single-piston caliper brakes, a fifth gear, a single shock, and ABS.
  •  Depending on the model and year, the Grom’s top speed ranges from 55 to 73 mph, with the 2023 model having a top speed of 73 mph.
  • The Honda Grom is well-liked since it is inexpensive, attractive, fuel-efficient, and has quick handling, making it fun to ride both in populated areas and on open roads.

Suspension On Honda Grom

Because you require that stopping power to bring your Honda Grom to a halt from peak speed in a reasonable amount of time. Let’s also talk about its suspension.

A 31 mm inverted fork with a 25 degree rake serves as the front suspension. The front fork has roughly 3.9 inches of movement, which is generally sufficient to comfortably navigate any existing road obstructions.

There is a single shock with 4.1 inches of travel on the back. Even though it only has one shock, this is quite sufficient for the majority of daily street use.

Why Is The 2023 Honda Grom faster?

Honda Grom latest 2023 model is faster than all the previous models except the 2022 one, they both come with the same top speed.


The Grom features a five-speed transmission. You still get all the durability, control and efficiency of a conventional motorcycle, but the five gears help increase top speed for highway cruising.

How Fast Will The 2023 Grom go?

The Honda Grom’s most recent model year (2023) claims to have a top speed of 59 mph, while some riders claim to be able to reach speeds of up to 73 mph.

Honda Grom Review FAQs

Are honda groms great for beginners?

yes, thanks to their compact proportions and straightforward designs. The fundamentals are easier for beginners to control with them, especially shorter riders. Otherwise, they’ll probably have trouble riding bigger bikes.

Do I need helmets to ride honda groms?

yes, especially if you are a minor and a rider. Check your state laws and rules to get the exact answer.

Are honda groms automatic?

Not just automatic though, Honda Groms come in both manual transmission and DCT versions.

Can you make a honda grom go faster?

Definetly. Reduce the overall weight, and change the fork oil of your grom for increased.speed

Can a honda grom go on the highway?

Honda groms are street legal and their users can drive them on all public highways.

Is the 2023 grom faster?

The top speed of the latest 2023 Honda Grom is 73 mph, which is faster than the previous models yeah.

Why Are honda groms so popular?

The Honda Groms are so popular especially among the young riders due to its size, lightweight and lowprice.

Another reason is its sporty appereance.Honda grom is spotier compared to the other mini-bikes of honda e.g Honda Navi Honda Grom vs Honda Navi.

Do i need a drivers license to drive the Honda Grom?

In the US states like florida, the Grom is considered to be a motorcycle by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles because it has an engine displacement for more than 5o cc. you’ll need to either have a motorcycle endorsement on your standard driver’s license or a “motorcycle-only” license to drive it.

Is Hond Grom For Adults?

Theres no age limitations for riding and owning a Honda Grom. its more common among the young drivers, though.


In conclusion, if you’re seeking a fast and fun ride, The latest model of Honda Grom is worth going for. It has a top speed of around 73 mph, which is pretty good for a small bike like this.In this article, we have covered quite a bit when it comes to the Honda Grom. We learned what is the top speed of Honda Grom and why is it so popular, and its specs and modifications too.

Hope you found what brought you here, Let us know your thoughts or any further queries that you may still have. Thank you for reading.


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