The answer to “Are all motorcycles manual?” is quite simple. 

Where once all the two-wheeled vehicles came with manual transmission, like the car industry, moto manufacturers shifted to automatic transmission systems too and began making automatic, gas-powered motorcycles.


So, are there automatic motorcycles? Yes, and read our article to the very end to know more about them.

What Are Manual And Automatic Motorcycles?

A motorcycle with a manual gearbox, commonly referred to as a standard motorcycle, needs the rider to manually shift gears using a clutch lever and foot pedal. 

To choose a gear, the rider pushes down on the pedal on the left side of the vehicle, pulls the clutch lever to disengage the transmission, and then lets go of the pedal. 

So are all bikes manual? No, some bikes have automatic transmission systems too. 

Like the name suggests, an automatic motorcycle changes gears automatically, without the need for the rider to manually shift gears using a clutch lever and foot pedal. These are automatic clutch motorcycles.

There are a number of alternative motorcycles too, including either a fully or semi automatic transmission motorcycle.

Are All Motorcycles Manual Or Automatic?

Motorcycles come with both manual and automatic transmission. 


Although it hasn’t only recently been released, automatic gearbox has long dominated the motorcycle market. 

But In terms of popularity, it falls short of the manual transmission.

Choosing which one is for you is totally up to you as both have pros and cons.

For instance, both Honda Navi vs Honda Grom come with manual and automatic transmissions having pros and cons making it totally up to you, which one to go for.

Automatic vs Manual Motorcycle


Both Automatic vs Manual motorcycles have advantages and disadvantages. Making a choice is totally up to you and your experience.

Pros And Cons Of Manual Transmission


Effective Acceleration

Motorcycles with a manual transmission feature a light transmission and several different speed options because to the gear arrangement. 

Additionally, the torque converter isn’t serviced, which will probably reduce the overall torque.

All of these factors contribute to the flexibility and quick acceleration of this alternative. Effective acceleration produces higher speed. Say,

How fast is a 250 cc manual motorcycle? For instance, A Suzuki GW250(manual) having 248-250cc can produce 26 hp and has a top speed of 145 km/h.


Motorcycles that are operated manually typically have minimal parts, which significantly reduces their weight.

Therefore, if the bike collides with the driver, it applies less force than the automatic. 

With manual motorbikes, the majority of mistakes are made by the rider, whereas internal technological issues frequently result in accidents with automatic transmission motorcycles.

Energy Efficiency


Manual motorcycles are often more fuel-efficient than automatic motorcycles, as the rider can better control the bike’s power output and gear selection. they also save 1-2 miles per gallon compared to automatic ones.

Economical Cost

Motorcycles that are automatic cost more than the manual ones because they use more advanced technology compared to manual ones. You can also save your wallet due to the cheaper running costs of the standard motor.

For instance, you need to change your oil more frequently on an automatic Honda Goldwing DCT than on a manual Brixton motorcycle.


Difficult To Control

A manual motorcycle demands the seamless fusion of numerous components. One error is that it stops right away, which is disastrous in congested traffic. Because of this, learning it takes a lot of time.


Manual motorcycles are less comfortable compared to bikes with automatic transmission. automatic motorcycles are designed to have a relaxed riding position.

On manual motorcycles, riders must always pay attention to the clutch lever and pedals. Some people experience fatigue and stress as a result of their constant attention

Pros and Cons of Automatic Transmission Motorcycles



Ease of Use

Automatic Motorcycles are easier to drive especially in stop-and-go traffic. It is a great choice to consider automatic motorcycles for beginners. This is because in an automatic transmission system, you’re free of multitasking as a computer is controlling your gears and clutches keeping your bike under control.

Some automatic motorcycles include built-in presets that take the place of turning the steering wheel or touching buttons making its more easier to use.

Comfortable Riding

Automatic motorcycles have integrated sensors that perform all the tiring tasks you would do in a manual system. These include self-brake systems, lane crossings, cruise control, etc therefore allowing you to drive more comfortably.

Some of the best automatic motorcycles include,

  • 2022 Honda Africa Twin
  • 2022 Honda NC750X ABS
  • Honda ADV150/PCX

Good navigation

Automatic gear shifts take away the potential distractions that can slow your reactions down, especially at busy crossings. A good engine also creates more power than necessary to navigate the difficult terrain.

Great stopping power

Automatic transmission motorcycles have great stopping power, most of them often perform their braking better than manual ones.


This is due to the fact that they do not employ a cable or lever system, but rather a camshaft that opens valves in each brake cylinder.

As a result, when needed, they produce additional pressure for longer stopping distances.


Expensive Purchase And Maintenance Cost

The cost of automatic engines is higher than manual ones. Compared to manual motorcycles, automatic motorcycles cost more to maintain.

This is because a motorcycle that is automatic needs more frequent tune-ups and adjustments than a motorcycle that is manual. 

The autonomous bike also frequently contains more fragile parts that require particular care and attention. 

However some automatic motorcycles come with reasonable prices. These cheap automatic motorcycles include;

  • Honda NC750C DCT
  • Zero DSR Motorcycle (especially for middle-class incomers) etc

High Fuel Consumption

The automatic transmission handles additional duties, which increases energy consumption. If you choose this transmission, the cost-effectiveness ratio is something to think about.

Which Suits You The Best? Your Riding Experience Is The Key


Commuting: Automatic

If you aren’t a skilled manual motorcycle rider, you may have found yourself as a roadblock when your motorcycles suddenly stopped. 

It’s too annoying isn’t it? Like I said before, automatic motorcycles are the best choice for on-and-go traffic.

They let you drive smoothly without making any extra effort like the manual motorcycles.

High Speed Riding: Manual

If you’re a fan of high speed riding, then I’d suggest you should go for manual motorcycles. 

They are the ideal motorcycles for experienced riders to have an entertaining ride while negotiating tight turns and winding roads.

Absolute control over engine speed and other inputs gives your speed fantasies a sense of pleasure and comfort. 

For the rider to win the race, the engine and rider must be completely connected.

Touring And Adventure Riding: Both

Both manual and automatic motorcycles can be good options for adventure riding, but they have different strengths and weaknesses.

Experienced riders who prefer maximum control and versatility may prefer a manual motorcycle, while those who prioritise ease of use and comfort may prefer an automatic.

Motorcycles Which Are Not Manual



Scooters are labelled as motorbikes and not motorcycles throughout much of Asia because they’re comparatively smaller having a few motorcycle vs motorbike differences. 

They have a mixture of automatic and manual transmissions, but the automatic or CVT is the leading favourite with newer models due to their ease of use.

The main variant used is a clutchless-manual transmission, however, there are also many that are fully automatic.

Honda DN-01

One of the first commonly accessible motorcycles with a fully automated transmission was the Honda DN-01. After becoming available to the general public in 2008, the model was discontinued in 2010.

Honda VFR1200F

This 2009-model motorcycle has an automated dual clutch gearbox. The rider might choose between a totally automatic mode and a manual mode if they preferred a more hands-on experience. 

Similar to the paddle shift in a Formula 1 automobile, gears could be changed using paddle shifters mounted to the handlebars.

Aprilia Mana 850


Aprilia Mana 805 was Released in 2007, with fully automatic transmission.

What Motorcycles Have Automatic Transmissions?

Following are the top automatic motorcycles of the 2020s

Kymco Xciting S400


The Kymco Xciting S400i comes with automatic transmission and is powered by a Liquid Cooled 400.1 cc 1 Cylinder engine that gives 35.5hp of power at 7500 rpm and 37.7 Nm Torque at 6000 rpm.

Honda X-ADV 750

The bike that looks the greatest on this list may also be the most expensive.


Honda essentially priced this bike out of the market in our perspective, but for those who are interested, this king of all maxi-scooters is actually pretty capable off-road.

Though we wouldn’t be at ease on lengthy dirt tracks with those little wheels, it’s an intriguing alternative to the common Adventure bikes.

Honda Goldwing Tour

The ultimate highway cruiser, the Goldwing, must be the only motorcycle that genuinely makes sense as an automatic.


To make the luxurious motorcycle even simpler to ride, it has a DCT gearbox. Corners and cities are not precisely Goldwing’s home territory, that is, unless you are travelling straight ahead.

Harley with automatic transmission

Harley davidson on demand of buyers has now started making automatic motorcycles too.

Harley Davidson’s first and only automatic motorcycle is the 2020 LiveWire. These fully electric, automated Harleys are frequently a wise choice for riders in cities. 

Despite being electric, the bike accelerates more quickly thanks to its permanent magnet electric motor, which instantly generates 100% of its rated torque. It generates a torque of 86 ft. lbs. and 105 horsepower.

You can choose from up to seven different ride settings, including range, road, sport, and rain, to achieve the performance and security you choose.

How hard is it to learn gear shifts for beginners?

Are you having difficulty with shifting gears as a beginner? It’s common especially if you have never driven a bike with a manual transmission.


However, It can take some practice to learn the clutch, gear shifter, and accelerator coordination required.

Mainly, the difficulty arises from attempting to learn how to balance the bike and locate the controls while also learning the physical movements and mechanics involved in gear shifting.

Follow these easy steps to master gear shifting. Thank me later!

  1. First, Make sure you are moving at a speed that is acceptable for the gear you wish to change into. Higher gears are typically used for faster speeds, and lower gears are typically used for slower speeds. The manual for your motorcycle will have instructions on the recommended speeds for each gear.
  2. To disengage the clutch, pull the clutch lever in the direction of the handlebar. You’ll be able to change ratios without endangering the transmission if you do this.
  3. By depressing the shift lever, you can change the gears with your left foot. The motorcycle’s shifter, which is often a foot pedal, is situated on the left side of the vehicle.
  4. By pushing the shift lever up with your left foot, you can change to a higher gear. Holding down the shift button will engage a lower gear.
  5. Release the clutch lever gradually and smoothly to engage the clutch as you change gears. As a result, the transmission will be able to change to the next gear smoothly.
  6. As you let off of the clutch, steadily and smoothly apply the throttle. This will enable you to speed gradually and stop the bike from jerking.

If necessary, repeat steps 2 through 6 to select the gear that is best for your speed and the terrain you are riding on.

What types of motorcycles are automatic?

6 Automatic Motorcycles That Are Perfect For Newer Riders [2023 Edition]

  • Honda Rebel 1100.
  • Honda NCX750X.
  • Zero DS.
  • BMW CE04.
  • Yamaha Zuma 125.
  • Honda Navi.

Are All Motorcycles Manual FAQs

Is it hard to ride a manual motorcycle?

Yes, riding a manual motorcycle can be difficult, especially at first. If you intend to use this type of gearbox, you should be able to ride a motorcycle. Driving requires you to reach for the clutch and gear shift pedal, which in some circumstances can be distracting.

Are motorcycles automatic or shift?

Motorcycles come with both automatic and manual transmission systems.  However, Fully-automatic transmissions are far less common on motorcycles than manuals, and are mostly found only on motor scooters, mopeds, underbones, minibikes, and some custom cruisers and exotic sports bikes.

Are all motorcycles standard or automatic?

Not all motorcycles are either standard or automatic. But manual motorcycles are more common and popular compared to automatic transmission motorcycles.

What is ghost shifting on a bike?

A bike shifting gears on its own is referred to as ghost shifting. Your motorcycle’s cables become slack over time, which causes this to happen.

Additionally, the limit screws may not be properly adjusted, the cables may be causing friction, the derailleur may be distorted due to cable tension, or the entire chain may have snapped.

How does a motorcycle gearbox work?

On motorcycles, we manually move gear levers up and down with our left foot to regulate the torque and rpm of a wheel. A motorcycle gearbox is made up of a number of distinct gear stages that can be altered depending on the situation.

“Constant-mesh” gears, which are always matched but may revolve freely on a shaft until locked by a toothed sliding collar, or “dog clutch,” are found in the majority of current manual motorcycle gearboxes. Synchromesh is typically not required because the gears are always turning and can only be accessed sequentially.

Do all motorcycles have clutches?

No, only the motorcycles with manual transmissions come with clutches.

Why are manual transmissions so popular on Motorcycles?

Manual transmissions are so popular on motorcycles due to the effective acceleration they provide. They have a light transmission and a wide variety of speed options through the gear system.

It also doesn’t service the torque converter, which will likely impede the overall torque. For all these reasons, this option achieves flexibility and speed in acceleration.


Are motorcycles automatic? True, but not all. Motorcycles can be both manual or automatic or semi-manual.

In this article, we talked about manual and automatic motorcycles, their pros and cons and different related examples. We have covered all the differences you need to know before making a choice. Hope we were of help.

Your thoughts matter, so leave a comment and make us feel better! Thanks for reading, we couldn’t be happier.


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