A motorcycle helmet is an essential gear for any rider, providing protection and style. However, a plain, stock helmet may sometimes match your unique personality and preferences.

That’s where customization comes in. Personalizing your helmet with custom graphics and designs allows you to express your individuality and stand out on the road.

In this blog post, we will explore the various ways you can customize your motorcycle helmet, from adding decals and stickers to getting a full custom paint job.


We will also discuss the benefits of helmet customization and how it can enhance your riding experience.

So, if you want to make your helmet your own, keep reading to learn more about motorcycle helmet custom graphics.

Is It Legal To Customize A Motorcycle Helmet?

The good news is that it’s not illegal and is encouraged in the motorcycle community. However, it’s essential to remember that the United States enforces standards for producing these helmets through the Department of Transportation (DOT).

This means that any modifications you make to your helmet should not compromise its safety features or hinder its ability to meet DOT standards.

Helmet designs include various options, such as motorcycle helmet wraps, which can add a unique touch to your gear.

Just make sure to prioritize safety above all else when customizing your helmet.

How To Customize A Motorcycle Helmet


Here are some tips and tricks for customizing your motorcycle helmet:

Custom Paint

One of the easiest ways to customize your helmet is by applying for a custom paint job. You can choose various designs, colors, and patterns to make your helmet stand out.

From simple flames to intricate designs, the possibilities are endless. Use high-quality paint and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results.

Decals & Stickers

Adding decals and stickers to your helmet is a cost-effective way to customize it. You can choose from various designs, including your favorite band, sports team, or hobby.

Additionally, some manufacturers offer pre-designed sticker sets for their helmets. Make sure to clean and dry the helmet before applying the decals for the best adhesion.

Helmet Skin

A helmet skin is a vinyl wrap that covers the entire helmet, allowing you to change the look without affecting the helmet’s structure or safety.

The helmet skin is easy to install and comes in various designs and colors, including camouflage, carbon fiber, and chrome. The skin also protects the helmet from scratches and minor damage.

Adding these customizations to your helmet can also enhance its fun functionality.

A cool custom motorcycle helmet looks great and provides an extra layer of protection with additional features like built-in Bluetooth speakers, cooling vents, or sun visors.

How to Customize Your Motorcycle Helmet with Decals and Stickers


Here’s how you can customize your motorcycle helmet with decals and stickers:

Decide Where You Want To Put Your Decals & Stickers

Before applying any decals or stickers, you must decide where to place them on your helmet.

You can create a design plan beforehand or go with the flow. Consider the size and shape of your decals and stickers and choose a spot that will showcase them best.

Wash Your Helmet & Allow It To Dry

Before applying stickers or decals, clean your helmet with mild soap and water.

Rinse it thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before applying any stickers or decals. This will ensure the surface is clean and free of dirt or grime.

Start Apply Stickers & Decals

Once your helmet is clean and dry, you can start applying your decals and stickers.

Start by placing them in the desired location, and then use your fingers to smooth out any air bubbles or deformities. Be sure to apply even pressure to ensure that the stickers adhere correctly.

Eliminate Any Air Bubbles & Deformities

As you apply the stickers and decals, you may notice some air bubbles or deformities. To eliminate them, use a small pin or needle to puncture the bubble and smooth the area with your fingers.

Dangers With Decaling Your Helmet

Awareness of the potential dangers of decaling your helmet is essential.

Applying 100x helmet stickers to your helmet may alter how it slides against the pavement during a crash, which could increase the risk of injury to your head and neck.

If you plan on hitting the track, avoiding rough decals that may compromise the helmet’s safety rating is best.

Additionally, using your common sense when customizing your helmet is essential. Keep in mind that safety should always come first.

How To Use Paint To Customize A Motorcycle Helmet


Here’s how you can use paint to customize your motorcycle helmet:

Clean Your Helmet

Before you start painting, clean your helmet thoroughly. Remove dirt, dust, or grime with a microfiber cloth and soapy water. If you want to clean the visor, you can use a specialized visor cleaner to eliminate any smudges or fingerprints.

Tape or Remove Inside Padding & Screws

To avoid getting paint on your helmet’s inside, removing the padding and screws is a good idea. If you can’t remove the padding, cover it with masking tape to protect it from the paint.

Sand Down The Exterior Of The Helmet

To help the paint adhere to the helmet’s surface, sand it down with 400 grit sandpaper. This will help remove any imperfections and provide a smooth surface for the paint to adhere to.

Apply Paint To Helmet Surface

Once the helmet is clean and sanded, apply the paint to the surface. Use light, even strokes, to prevent drips or pooling. Using a primer first is recommended to help the paint adhere to the surface.

Allow Time For The Paint To Dry

After applying the paint, allow it to dry completely before handling or reassembling the helmet. Depending on the type of paint you use, drying time may vary, but it’s typically around 24 hours. Once the paint is dry, you can reattach the padding and screws.

Best Spray Paint For Helmets

The best spray paint for motorcycle helmets should be safe, durable, and resistant to UV rays and scratches. Some top choices include Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Spray Paint, Dupli-Color Vinyl and Fabric Coating, and Krylon Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint

Always follow proper safety precautions when spray painting your helmet, such as wearing a respirator and working in a well-ventilated area.

Dangers with Painting a Motorcycle Helmet


Painting your helmet could void its warranty, as no helmet manufacturer recommends painting their products. More importantly, when sanding your helmet, you must apply even pressure and avoid sanding too much.

Remember, the material protects your head, and sanding too much of it could compromise your safety.

Additionally, be careful when choosing paint. Some types of paint could damage the shell of your helmet, especially if it’s made of polycarbonate (plastic). High-end helmets may use materials like fiberglass or carbon fiber/aramid, which could be more damage-resistant.

Benefits Of Customizing Your Motorcycle Helmet

Customizing your motorcycle helmet offers many benefits beyond just enhancing its aesthetic look. One of the primary advantages of customizing your helmet is its added protection.

A custom helmet lets you choose the materials, colors, and designs that offer the best protection for your head and face.

Additionally, customizing your helmet can make you more visible on the road, helping to improve your safety while riding. You can increase your visibility to other motorists by incorporating reflective elements or bright colors.

Customization allows you to express your style and make your helmet unique. Various customization options are available, from wrapped motorcycle helmets to intricate motorcycle helmet painting.

Customizing your helmet can ensure it fits comfortably and securely, reducing distractions while riding. With so many benefits to customization, it’s no wonder more, and more riders are opting for personalized helmets.

How Much Does It Cost to Customize a Motorcycle Helmet Yourself?

Customizing a motorcycle helmet can range from $20 to $100, depending on the materials and designs you choose. You can use various tools and materials, including paint, stickers, decals, and airbrushing.


If you need more confidence in your artistic skills, you can also look for professional motorcycle helmet painters who can bring your designs to life.

They can help you create intricate, detailed designs that make your helmet unique.

Customizing Motorcycle Helmet FAQs

How long do vinyl wraps last?

Vinyl wraps can last up to 5-7 years, depending on how well they are maintained and the quality of the wrap material.

Do vinyl wraps damage the paint underneath?

If the paint is in good condition, properly cleaned, and the wrap is installed and removed correctly, it shouldn’t damage the paint. However, if the paint is already damaged or there are contaminants on the surface, the wrap could potentially cause further damage.

How much does it cost to professionally paint a motorcycle helmet?

The cost to professionally paint a motorcycle helmet can vary widely depending on the complexity of the design and the expertise of the painter. On average, it could start from $375.

Is customizing motorcycle helmets safe?

Customizing motorcycle helmets can be safe as long as the integrity of the helmet is not compromised. Any modifications should not affect the structural integrity, and it should still meet safety standards and regulations.

Is it OK to paint a motorcycle helmet?

Yes, it’s okay to paint a motorcycle helmet as long as the proper paint and application techniques are used, and it doesn’t compromise the integrity of the helmet.

What paint can I use on a motorcycle helmet?

You should only use paint that is specifically formulated for use on helmets. These paints are designed to be flexible and adhere to the surface of the helmet without compromising its structural integrity.

Wrapping Up!

You can create a truly one-of-a-kind helmet with endless possibilities for designs and modifications. Always prioritize safety when making any changes to your helmet and consult with a professional if necessary.

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring the world of helmet customization and make your ride truly yours.

Have you ever customize your motorcycle helmet? If so, what modifications did you make? If not, what design ideas do you have in mind?


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