For many years, motorcyclists have favored the Honda Shadow 750, a sleek and powerful cruiser.

The Honda Shadow 750 is a great option for both new and seasoned motorcyclists thanks to its comfortable ride and responsive handling. However, many motorcyclists wonder what the Honda Shadow 750’s top speed is capable of.

Can this storied cruiser keep up with the big boys of highway vehicles?

To help you decide if the Honda Shadow 750 is the right bike for you, we’ll take a close look at its top speed and separate fact from myth.

Fasten your seatbelts, because you’re in for a fascinating trip!

Honda Shadow 750 Top Speed

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, you’ve likely heard of the Honda Shadow 750, known for its sleek design and smooth ride. But what about its top speed?

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The shadow 750 top speed is an impressive 95mph, making it a great choice for riders who crave power and speed on the highway.

But speed isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing a motorcycle – comfort, handling, and style are also important. 

Honda Shadow 750 History

Honda’s Shadow 750 first debuted in 1983 with the VT750c model. However, due to import restrictions imposed by the US, Honda produced a VT700c.

These restrictions were lifted in 1985, and the 750 was back, but only briefly, as it was replaced by an 800cc version in 1988.

Honda Shadow 750

The Honda Shadow Ace 750 came back in 1997 and has been seen in various versions since, including the Spirit, Aero, RS, and Phantom. Interestingly, the earlier versions had a chain drive, while the latest models have a final shaft drive, which makes maintenance easier.

Currently, in the US market, the Shadow Phantom and Shadow Aero have the same 745cc engine.

In the UK, Honda’s cruiser style options are limited to the Rebel CMX500 and the latest Rebel CMX1100.

The Shadow 750 has a rich history that dates back to the 80s, and despite a brief hiatus, Honda continues to produce and offer Shadow variants to its customers worldwide.

Honda Shadow Prices

You may be wondering about the costs if you are in the market for a Honda Shadow.

In the US, a brand new Shadow Phantom comes with a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $7,899, while the Shadow Aero is slightly cheaper at $7,799.

However, if you are on a budget, plenty of used Shadow options are available starting from as low as $3,000. You can find a custom Shadow at that price if you shop around.

In the UK, the prices for Shadows are just as reasonable, with examples starting from £2,500. Whether you’re in the US or the UK, there are options to fit various budgets for owning a Honda Shadow.

Why are Honda Shadows So Cheap?

One can question why the Honda Shadow motorcycles are so inexpensive when compared to other cruisers on the market.

This could be because many of the components used to make the Shadow, like the handlebars, seats, and exhausts, are less expensive than those used to make American cruisers.

Because of this, modifying and personalizing the bike to fit your preferences is a feasible choice.

Additionally, there are a lot of used Shadows available, which reduces competition for higher-end models and keeps the bike’s overall worth cheap.

Why are Honda Shadows So Cheap

Honda Shadows have a long history of successful sales and a reputation for dependability, which has helped maintain their appeal on the secondhand market.

Compared to other well-known cruiser models, the Shadow has mostly gone overlooked because it is essentially a basic cruiser that doesn’t attract much attention.

Although the Honda Grom’s top speed is unimportant to the affordability of the Shadow, it is important to remember that the Grom is a completely different sort of motorbike with a very different engine and a top speed of just about 73 mph.

What are The Specs of The Honda Shadow 750?

If you’re in the market for a Honda Shadow 750, knowing the specs before purchasing is essential. The 2008 Honda Shadow 750 (VT750C) is a cruiser-style motorcycle with a 745 cm3 / 45.4 ci, 32 kW / 44 PS / 43 hp engine.

It became available in October 2008 and boasted an impressive acceleration rate, as reported by ProfessCarsTM.

According to their assessment, this motorcycle can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 7 seconds, from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds, and from 0 to 1/4 mile in 15.7 seconds. 

Transmission and The Engine Specs

Regarding the engine specs of the Honda Shadow 750, there are several key factors to consider.

Firstly, the bike boasts a 745cc liquid-cooled 52° V-twin engine, providing plenty of power for riders.

The bore x stroke is set at 79mm x 76mm, with a compression ratio of 9.6:1.

Transmission and The Engine Specs

In terms of induction, the bike uses a PGM-FI system with a 34mm throttle body, while the ignition is digital with 3-D mapping and two spark plugs per cylinder.

The transmission is a 5-speed, with a final shaft drive. Finally, the valve train uses SOHC technology, with 3 valves per cylinder.

Overall, the Honda Shadow 750 is a reliable, high-performance bike with a smooth and powerful ride.

Chassis, Suspension, Brakes

  • The Rear Brake system typically includes a Drum located near the rear wheel.
  • The Front Brake system usually features a Single 296mm Disc operated by a two-piston caliper.
  • The suspension system is vital in maintaining stability and providing a comfortable ride.
  • The Rear Suspension consists of Dual Shocks with a 5-position spring-preload adjustment.
  • The Front Suspension generally comprises a 41mm Fork.
  • Understanding the components of the Chassis, Suspension, and Brakes is essential for any motorcycle rider, especially when considering factors like the shadow 750 top speed.

How Many Miles Will a Honda Shadow 750 Last

If you’re looking for a motorcycle with impressive longevity, the Honda Shadow 750 may be a solid choice. This cruiser-style bike can easily surpass over 70,000 miles on the odometer with proper maintenance.

The key to achieving high mileage for a motorcycle is consistent upkeep, including regular oil changes, tire rotations, and tune-ups.

It’s also essential to avoid pushing the bike beyond its limits or neglecting necessary repairs.

How Many Miles Per Gallon Does a Honda Shadow 750 Get?

Regarding fuel efficiency, the Honda Shadow 750 is an excellent choice for those who want a motorcycle that won’t break the bank. Regarding fuel mileage, the Shadow 750 can get an impressive 56 MPG on the highway.

This is partly due to its 745cc engine, known for being both powerful and efficient.

Of course, fuel economy will depend on factors such as riding style, road conditions, and overall maintenance. 

What are Honda Shadow 750 Problems

Uncomfortable Seat

One of the most common complaints among Honda Shadow 750 riders is the uncomfortable seat. The stock seat that comes with the bike may look stylish, but it could be more comfortable for long rides.

What are Honda Shadow 750 Problems

This can be a problem for riders who plan on taking their Shadow 750 on extended trips or even just for a long day of riding.

A few different factors can cause discomfort. First, the seat is firm, leading to pressure points and discomfort over time. Additionally, the seat’s shape can cause some riders to slide forward, putting pressure on the tailbone and causing pain.


There are a few different solutions to this problem. One option is to replace the stock seat with an aftermarket seat designed for comfort. Many different seats on the market offer better padding and support; some even have gel inserts to help distribute weight more evenly.

Another option is to modify the stock seat by adding a gel pad or a sheepskin cover. This can provide additional cushioning and reduce pressure points.

Missing Starting Switch

Another issue that some Honda Shadow 750 riders may encounter is a missing starting switch. This can be a frustrating problem, making starting the bike difficult or even impossible.

What are Honda Shadow 750 Problems (Switch)

The starting switch is located on the right side of the handlebars, and it’s responsible for engaging the starter motor. If the switch is missing or not functioning correctly, the starter motor won’t engage, and the bike won’t start.

There are a few different reasons why the starting switch may be missing. It could be due to wear and tear or the result of a previous owner modifying the bike.


Fortunately, replacing the starting switch is a relatively straightforward process. The switch is inexpensive and can be easily installed with basic tools.

However, ensuring the replacement switch is compatible with the bike’s electrical system is essential, as using the wrong switch could cause further problems.

 Is the Honda Shadow 750 Novice Friendly?

  • The Honda Shadow 750 is an excellent choice for novice riders due to its low center of gravity and seat height, providing stability and security at slow speeds.
  • With an affordable price tag, whether new or used, it’s a practical choice for beginners. If you drop the bike, which is likely as a novice, you will be reassured if it’s a used Shadow purchased for around $3,000 compared to a new bike that costs $10,000.
  • The bike has enough power to allow for growth and development without being intimidating or overwhelming for new riders. Its “lazy” power delivery also allows for a more relaxed ride when accelerating.
  • Parts and maintenance are affordable, which is crucial for new riders who should learn the basics of bike maintenance, like oil changes and chain tightening. With an inexpensive bike like the Honda Shadow 750, novices can make changes and use a wrench without breaking the bank if they make a mistake or need help from a mechanic.

Honda Shadow Phantom 750

The Honda Shadow Phantom 750 is a strikingly designed cruiser motorcycle with a moody, blacked-out look. The bike features blacked-out rims, engine, and fenders, contributing to its sleek and sinister appearance.

Its spoked wheels, pull-back handlebars, and bobbed fenders complete the Bobber aesthetic.

Honda Shadow Phantom

Unlike other cruisers, the Phantom’s exhaust pipes are the only component that stands out with its chrome finish.

The tank offers a unique Adventure Green color option, adding to its military-style appeal.

The Honda Shadow Phantom 750 is powered by a liquid-cooled, 745cc V-twin engine that delivers a smooth and powerful ride with a top speed of around 95 mph, unlike the Honda Ruckus top speed, which has a top speed of approximately 45 mph.

Honda Shadow Aero 750

The Honda Shadow Aero 750 is a traditional cruiser motorcycle that stands apart from the Phantom model. It has a single color option for 2022 – the Ultra Blue Metallic, reminiscent of 50’s beach cruisers.

Two versions of Aero are available, one with ABS and one without it. The addition of ABS brings a rear disc brake, replacing the conventional drum brake.

Honda Shadow Aero 750 (1)

The Aero has many chrome accents, including cylinder-head covers, air-cleaner covers, engine side covers, brake and clutch-lever brackets, rear brake pedal, shift lever, handlebar, rear shock covers, and more.

The chrome and the blue/silver paint combination gives it an old-school feel, similar to 50’s Harley and Indian motorcycles.

The saddle on the Aero is perfect for long-distance journeys and can carry a passenger comfortably.

The passenger pad is thick and can be removed for solo trips. Unlike the Phantom model, the Aero has full metal fenders, which gives it a distinct look and improves its durability.

Honda Shadow 750 Horsepower

The Honda Shadow 750 is a powerful cruiser motorcycle that packs an impressive amount of horsepower. With a 45-horsepower engine, the Shadow 750 delivers smooth and reliable performance, perfect for long-distance touring or daily commuting.

This motorcycle’s liquid-cooled V-twin engine provides excellent power and torque, making it a top pick for riders who demand style and performance.

Different Honda Shadow 750 Models Top Speed

2001 Honda Shadow 750 Top Speed

The 2001 Honda Shadow 750 has a top speed of approximately 95 miles per hour (mph), which is achieved by its liquid-cooled, 52-degree V-twin engine that delivers 45 horsepower (hp).

2002 Honda Shadow 750 Top Speed

The 2002 Honda Shadow 750 can reach a top speed of around 100 mph thanks to its fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, V-twin four stroke engine that produces 45.20 hp.

2003 Honda Shadow 750 Top Speed

The 2003 Honda Shadow 750 has a top speed of about 99.42 mph, similar to its 2001 counterpart. Its liquid-cooled, 52-degree V-twin engine generates 44.87 hp at 5,500 rpm.

2004 Honda Shadow 750 Top Speed

The 2004 Honda Shadow 750 can reach a top speed of approximately 125 mph, similar to the 2002 model. The bike is powered by a fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, V-twin engine that produces 43 hp at 5,500 rpm. 

How To Make Honda Shadow 750 Faster

Increase the Air

One way to increase the speed of your Honda Shadow 750 is to increase the amount of air that flows into the engine. This can be achieved by installing a high-flow air filter designed to allow more air to pass through the engine than a standard air filter.

How To Make Honda Shadow 750 Faster

Install a performance exhaust system. A performance exhaust system allows the engine to expel exhaust gasses more efficiently, allowing more air into the engine.

Install a carburetor jet kit. A carburetor jet kit replaces the stock jets with larger ones, which allows more air to be drawn into the engine. This modification can increase the engine’s power and make your Honda Shadow 750 faster.

Increase Fuel Levels in the Engine

In addition to increasing the airflow, increasing the fuel levels in the engine can also improve the performance of your Honda Shadow 750.

One way to achieve this is to install a high-flow fuel pump designed to deliver more fuel to the engine than a standard fuel pump.

Install a power commander. A power commander is an electronic device that allows you to adjust the fuel levels in the engine, which can help to optimize the performance of your Honda Shadow 750. 

Honda Shadow 750 Top Speed FAQs

Are Honda Shadows good bikes?

Yes, Honda Shadows are generally considered to be good bikes. They are reliable, easy to ride, and have a comfortable riding position.

What kind of gas does a Honda Shadow 750 take?

A Honda Shadow 750 typically takes regular unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 87 or higher.

When did the Honda Shadow 750 get fuel injection?

The Honda Shadow 750 got fuel injection starting with the 2011 model year.

What kind of oil does a Honda Shadow 750 take?

A Honda Shadow 750 typically takes 10W-40 motorcycle oil, but it’s essential to consult the owner’s manual for specific recommendations.

Can you tour on a Honda Shadow 750?

Yes, you can tour on a Honda Shadow 750, although it may not be as comfortable for long distances as larger touring bikes. Adding accessories like a windshield, saddlebags, and a backrest can help make it more comfortable for touring.

Can you make a Honda Shadow 750 faster?

Yes, there are ways to make a Honda Shadow 750 faster, such as upgrading the air intake, exhaust system, and fuel management system. However, it’s important to note that modifying a motorcycle can impact its reliability and should be done carefully.

What is the 0 to 60 on a Honda Shadow 750 Ace?

The 0 to 60 time on a Honda Shadow 750 Ace is around 7.24 seconds. However, acceleration times can vary depending on rider weight, road conditions, and weather.

Wrapping Up!

In conclusion, the Honda Shadow 750 is a powerful cruiser with impressive performance, including a top speed of around 95 mph.

This motorcycle is perfect for riders looking for a balance of speed, agility, and style.

With its sleek design and advanced features, it’s no wonder the Honda Shadow 750 is a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts.

What are your thoughts on the Honda Shadow 750’s top speed? Have you ridden one before, and if so, what was your experience like?


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